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Welcome to the Arizona Caregiver Coalition website! You may only consider yourself a wife, husband, daughter, son, or grandchild but if you are you caring for a loved one who is either aging, a child or an adult dealing with a chronic condition or living with a disability then you are a caregiver, too. The Arizona Caregiver . Certified caregivers may be called by many names, and are referred to as certified nursing assistants (CNAs) by the Arizona Board of Nursing, which oversees the certification of nurses and caregivers. Certified nursing assistants .

Our Pass Rate We pride ourselves on being a training school with high pass rates for our caregiver and assisted living manager certification programs in the state of Arizona. With a 90% pass rate for . Professional caregivers also must meet state training requirements and may take online caregiver training. Learn about Arizona 's Certified Nursing Aide testing guidelines, including the exam .