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Aug 16,  · And destroying a relationship in your adult years feels immature, catty, and beyond dramatic. But ignoring their bully behaviors isn’t an option, either. It only reinforces their tendencies. So in order to be properly prepared for adult bullies, we . Cliques Often Contain Gossip, Backstabbing, and Rumor-Spreading Nothing disrupts the work environment more than office rumor mill. As a result, be sure your employees can identify the perils of gossip and rumor-spreading in the workplace.

Mar 31,  · The adult world is ripe with cliques in both business and social situations. But how can a reasonable female navigate phoney friendships, bullying and behaviour that exclude others? Here are tips on how to successfully deal with adult cliques. I am looking for some advice on adult female friendship cliques. I have mixed with a group of 7 or 8 women in my hometown since my oldest child was at kindergarten and she is now nine.

May 10,  · I think adult cliques do exist – sometimes as a tightly knit crew of friends, sometimes as a grown-up version of “mean girls.” I will say it’s easier to pull a group of friends together when most people already know each other. How The Idea of 'Cliques' Hurt Adult Women. Alana Massey The New Inquiry. Adam Hester via Getty Images This moment illustrates one of the fundamental aspects of the mystique of cliques: outsiders are preoccupied with how the members of the clique perceive them, while clique members are not preoccupied with outsiders at all.