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Hall & Oates were huge stars in , but even then the duo had amassed a huge catalog of material in a range of styles. They adapted to the video age with popular clips on MTV, and when broadband made video streaming practical, Hall launched Live From Daryl's House, a music show that was later picked up by the Palladia network. What they need is adult education Back to school it's a bad situation (Oh, yeah, oh, yeah) What you want is an adult education Oh, yeah The teacher don't know about how to deal With the student body (huh, huh) And the underclassmen are flashing Hot and cool (huh, huh) But your girlfriends care About watch and wear And talkin about it (huh, huh).

Feb 18,  · “Adult Education” was one of two new songs recorded for Hall & Oates compilation Rock n' Soul Part 1. It was a top 10 hit in the US, The Netherlands & Belgium and also charted in Canada, Australia.