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Discusses the general nature of adult learning and six principles of effective practice for facilitating learning: (1) voluntary participation; (2) mutual respect; (3) collaborative spirit; (4) action and reflection; (5) critical reflection; and (6) self-direction. (45 references) (MES)Cited by: Facilitating Adult Learning Prepared by: Dr. Lela Vandenberg Senior Leadership & Professional Development Specialist 11 Agriculture Hall East Lansing, MI () [email protected] How to Teach so People LearnFile Size: KB.

Mar 16,  · The facilitation of adult learning means assisting the adults to make sense of and act upon the personal, social, occupational and political environment in which they live. It is an important, Author: Radhika Kapur. Facilitating Learning with the Adult Brain in Mind explains how the brain works, and how to help adults learn, develop, and perform more effectively in various settings. Recent neurobiological discoveries have challenged long-held assumptions that logical, rational thought is the preeminent approach to gucks.xyz by: 9.