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Cards Against Humanity is a travel card game for adults that is ideal to play in a hostel or while you’re drinking. It’s a simple game to play. One person reads out a question from the black cards and everyone else has to provide answers from the white cards that they have. While the traditional road trip games, like the alphabet game and the license plate game, can be good for the whole family, we plan to entertain ourselves in a more adult fashion.

The Game: Connect song lyrics for a fun sing-along game The Rules: • One person starts singing a song • Using a lyric from the song, the next person has to connect it with another song • It. However, if you are traveling with a group of adults who are not all acquainted with one another, and who may not want to participate in game play, then you might consider having some passengers move seats, so that the ones who want to play games are seated together.

This dice game is played with only two dice and a cup, so it’s easy to see why it fits excellently in the travel game category. The game contains a lot of bluffing, although that . Oct 21,  · 5. The Anagram Game Basic Idea: There are two types of with plates like Ch33tah and everyone else. If only for the rest of the ride, live in .

The person with the highest number of points wins! It is a nice game for kids and elders alike. As this is a beginner strategy game, I would not recommend this game for seasoned strategists, but rather for folks who are just getting into strategy games Build: 9 on 10 The build of the game was really good. Whether you are a little kid, a teen, or an adult, you will love playing a game from the following selection. License Plate Games. State License Plate Game; Probably one of the oldest road trip games, searching for license plates from all of the continental U.S. is a perfect game for a long road trip.