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adult human like dolls - Lifelike High-end TPE Adult Female Miisoo Sex Doll

From all the prep work to the final soft human like silicone skin finished Aiko Doll. Anatomically Correct Aiko Doll Yes Aiko is anitomically correct, fully functional Love Doll and there is more internal space with this larger version doll her cavity is 7 inches deep with a soft ribbed texture. Oct 02,  · The Realdoll company use Hollywood special effects technology to produce the most realistic “love dolls” in the world. What freaks me out is that the dolls feature completely articulated skeletons, allowing for anatomically correct positioning. They also use a unique blend of the best silicone rubbers to ensure an incredibly realistic feel/10(30).

-Piper Doll heads are not interchangeable, more realistic looking -EVO skeleton, all piper dolls can squat, shrug shoulders and more flexible than most other sex dolls Height: cm/4 feet 9 inches Material: TPE. Bust Size: 89cm/35 inches K Cup Waist: . DreamDoll - Official website of adult's silicon dolls. fr; en; Brown, blond or red-headed, sophisticated or sporty, discover the Doll of your dreams that will make you vibrate. She is waiting you. The dream comes true. Dreamdoll, it's skills and special attention given to each doll to make it unique.

A Life Changing Decision.. Our Love dolls are realistic human-sized surrogate partners, and are made to physically resemble attractive ladies in every detail. Typically these dolls are used for sexual activity, photography, or display models. But to many individuals, a high quality love doll can conger up real human emotions.