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How Can I Get Free Incontinence Supplies? - Elder Guru. We manufacture sustainable rubber pants for adults made of natural latex rubber. Latex manufacturer Inkoswiss was founded in order to produce and distribute high quality incontinence products. The company's primary goal is to supply people who are suffering from incontinence with protective under garments in form of leak-proof diaper covers.

All of our KINS Adult Waterproof Pants, this includes our plastic pants, rubber pants, nylon pants and other diaper covers, have soft lycra bindings at the legs and the waist, are very comfortable and will not chafe or pinch the skin. Please note the encased waterproof pants do not have lycra leg and waist bands. Incontinence Pants - Boots Browse a range of incontinence pants from top brands like Tena, Staydry and more that rapidly trap fluid in to help prevent leaks, odour and moisture.

Jul 13,  · The rubber used in NATURELLA is manufactured according to a special process limiting the micro-holes inherent in fine pressed production, ensuring an excellent sealing of elastics at the waist and legs are made of braided natural rubber. The inside of the pants goes up high on the elastics for maximum comfort. Incontinence Pants and Underwear For over 55 years, Netti has been the leading innovator in protective incontinence underwear with better fitting products including briefs, pants and panties for men and women that can be worn with discretion.

Adults Diapers and Chux carries all types of incontinence pants for men, women, youth and unisex. These Pull Up Pants are waterproof, machine washable, reusable or disposable, latex free and discreet. Available in mesh, knit and cotton snap styles. Created by top manufacturers of incontinence products like Medline, Prevail and TENA.0/5(5).