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Go to the blog. Elaine Mansfield's Blog. One of the biggest fears of caregiving is that as overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating as it is, it will end. We think our story (or blog) ends when caregiving ends, but it doesn't. Elaine is a storyteller, and she shares her journey as caregiver to her husband, and the loss of her husband, in. Adult learners are motivated to learn when they can envision the results of their efforts. Critical Thinking: Your learners are sensible, rational people with minds of their own. So you should create opportunities for critical reflection (premise reflection) to encourage them to re-examine their beliefs and attitudes.

Every week, the Must Watch podcasters review the biggest TV and streaming shows. This week, Hayley Campbell and Scott Bryan share their thoughts on Channel 4's Adult Material. Specifically, we’ll list and define six adult learning principles and give you some tips on how to put them to work in your training. Understanding adult learning principles will help you create training materials and a training program that helps adults learn. Without this understanding, your training program won’t be as effective.

We do permit mature content on, including text, images and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material. However, websites that contain such content must be marked as Mature in our system. If you are publishing content that is intended for mature audiences, we ask that you provide us the courtesy of. Most blogs don’t have to worry about the legal issues that come with hosting adult content on their site. The content on blogs in most genres, though it can be coarse and vulgar at times, simply doesn’t rise (or sink) to a level where you need to .

The “adult content” Tumblr will be banning, the company wrote, “primarily includes photos, videos, or GIF s that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content. Once upon a time, a free blogging platform called Tumblr was the online haven for porn, kink, bondage/domination, and other legal but not-safe-for-work communities. That .