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adult stem cell nutrition - Kelly Wells black sperms nutrition

The Science Behind Stem Cell Nutrition Supplements Scientists discover that adult stem cells migrate from the bone marrow into the bloodstream, then into the tissues to renew and repair damaged and dead cells. Studies now show that Adult Stem Cells have the same ability to become virtually any other cell in the body. StemEnhance Ultra is the ultimate stem cell nutrition product. Buy StemEnhance online and take full advantage of your own stem cells for better health.

Stem cell nutrition is the consumption of plant-based nutritional supplements shown to support the release, targeting, delivery and proliferation of your body’s own adult stem cells. Now, after years of quality research, it is as simple as consuming one or more nutritious dietary supplements daily. Why do we need Stem Cell Nutrition? Stem cell nutrition supplements are a new form of nutritional support for the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow. Stem cells are considered the natural renewal system of the body, and as the body ages, the process of stem cell release slows down.

Nutraceuticals Rescue Aging Stem Cells. Aging is associated with the loss of adult stem cell function (see sidebar). This has prompted interest in ways of improving stem cell functionality in maturing individuals. It has been shown that connecting the circulation of an older animal with that of a younger one reduces the function of the younger animal’s muscle and brain stem cells . Most of the products sold as stem cell enhancers contain an extract from a species of blue-green algae, Aphanizomenon flos acquae. The manufacturer claims that algae components boost mental energy, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and support the immune system in addition to releasing stem cells from bone marrow.

Supplying nutrition to your adult stem cells (what Natura’s focus is) so that they function better is a very different concept than other types of stem cell research. Stem Cell Basics. According to the Mayo Clinic, stem cells are “the body’s master cell”. This means that the stem cell is the primary cell that can become any other cell. Adult stem cells support brain function, improving clarity, focus and mood. Stem Cell Nutrition is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent ANY disease. Stem Cell Nutrition capsules are patented to release over 4 million fresh,new stem cells .