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Sep 12,  · Trigonocephaly Syndrome, which is also known by the name of C Syndrome, is a rare pathological condition caused due to an abnormality in the cell division causing an abnormality in the number of chromosomes. Under normal circumstances an individual has 46 chromosomes but in Trigonocephaly Syndrome the number of chromosomes is either 45 or Dr Subhan Iqbal ◉ and Dr Andrew Dixon ◉ et al. Trigonocephaly refers to the triangular appearance of the frontal skull created by premature fusion of the metopic suture (metopic craniosynostosis) 2. Trigonocephaly accounts for around 5% of all craniosynostosis cases.

In metopic suture craniosynostosis, or trigonocephaly, the forehead will have a triangular shape and the eyes may appear closer together. The metopic suture begins at the nose and continues superiorly to meet the sagittal suture dividing the frontal bone into two halves.