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Myringotomy (ear tubes) Problems in Adult juliamom I had ear tubes put in three days ago and the pressure, noise level, clogged feeling is almost unbearable. I feel as if I have an echoing in my head and I can hear my own voice rattling through my head. I can also hear when I chew and I can hear my pulse! Nov 16,  · Myringotomy is surgery to put a hole through your eardrum. The hole relieves pressure and lets fluid drain from your ear. A pressure equalizing (PE) tube will be put through the hole during surgery. The tube is used to keep the hole open and to help drain fluid.

Depends: A myringotomy or tympanostomy in an adult is usually done under local anesthesia. However if the surgeon elects not to inject a local anesthetic, it. Myringotomy in adults is a less common procedure than in children, primarily because adults benefit from certain changes in the anatomy of the middle ear that occur after childhood. In particular, the adult ear is less likely to accumulate fluid because the Eustachian tube, which.

Sep 30,  · About Your Myringotomy With Tube Placement Procedure A myringotomy is a procedure where your doctor makes a tiny cut in your eardrum. This drains fluid from behind your eardrum. This will relieve pressure from your ear and restore any hearing you may have lost due to the fluid. Mar 25,  · Myringotomy tubes for adults Adults can also develop glue ear, and may also require insertion of myringotomy tubes.

Myringotomy and/or Ear Tubes in Adults When medical therapy is ineffective, tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes) may be recommended for the treatment of chronic ear fluid, recurrent ear infections, and hearing loss. “Ear tubes” may also be recommended for problems with pressure and “popping” of . Ear tubes in adults Myringotomies for adults are performed as an outpatient procedure. Most times the adult will be awake, and a localized anesthetic is used. Mild sedation is also an option.