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advertising for adult products - Now thats advertising!

Adult entertainment is an billion-dollar industry and, as such, it involves a lot of advertising. More importantly, adult entertainment isn’t limited only to sleazy and x rated stuff. Other huge sources of possible revenue? Dating and matchmaking sites, apps, and platforms. Marketing adult products? Question. Today was the grand opening for my e-commerce store which is intended to be supplemtal to the main biz but we are still working on that The store is adult toys focused on BDSM. Obviously this is quite niche, and can be pretty tough to market due to the nature of the products.

Social Media Marketing for Adult Businesses Mark Johnson February 16, 0 0 There are often difficulties in getting likes/shares and tweets about adult topics such as the Hitachi magic wand or other adult toys and items. This will help you more: ===== fastest growing industry is Adult and people are afraid of advertising on facebook.

Optimize Google Ads. Pro tips to Advertise adult products on Google without ads disapproval or account suspension. There are many venues to advertise adult products, but not these places. You could also look into cheaper banner ads on adult sites. _____ Bruce. Of course adwords accepts adult advertising. Just search for "adult sex toys" and look at all the awords ads .

Adult advertising participation Advertisers must apply to participate in the Adult Advertising Program, and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and Microsoft policies. Adult ads may not be distributed through all of the advertising distribution options and may appear only in text search ads. 2) paid advertising - there are several ad networks (similar to adwords if you're familiar with that) that allow adult advertising (exoclick) and there are networks created for adult advertising only (juicyads) - they allow country targeting so you should be able to do everything yourself.