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asthma diagnosis as adult woman - ADULT CINEMA (by tm)

Hormonal fluctuations in women may play a role in adult onset asthma. Some women first develop asthma symptoms during or after a pregnancy. Women going through menopause can develop asthma symptoms for the first time. Different illnesses, viruses, or infections can be a factor in adult onset asthma. Asthma Diagnosis To diagnose asthma, your doctor will discuss your medical history with you and perform a physical exam. You may need a lung function test and maybe other tests, such as a chest or sinus X-ray. If you or your child are having problems breathing on a .

Apr 10,  · By Editorial Team · April 10, SHARE. Some people develop asthma as adults. This type of asthma tends to be more severe than childhood-onset asthma. 1 People with adult-onset asthma are more likely to have frequent asthma attacks. 2 Their lung function declines more quickly than people with other types of asthma. 1 People with this asthma . When a doctor makes a diagnosis of asthma in people older than age 20, it is known as adult-onset asthma. Among those who may be more likely to get adult-onset asthma are: Women who are having.