First strangger from craigslist...he came too fast ... - condom broke before he came


condom broke before he came - First strangger from craigslist...he came too fast ...

Sep 05,  · The condom broke and i realized it but i let it go for like 10 seconds cause i was not sure but then i got scared so i made him stop. Turns out it did break but he pulled out before he came. He said that he was far from it as well. I was still really scared and nervous. I cried like a baby for hours. So i took the morning after pill within the 72 hours, it was not right away but it was within. Mar 14,  · The risks you and your partner face depend on when the condom broke and the type of intercourse you were having. There are steps you can take .

without the condom, but he came outside Took Plan B after condom broke. Period Two Weeks Early Protected Sex But the Condom Broke before he came! The condom broke he cum inside of me and then later that day Had sex and the condom broke Does plan b mess up your period? and Im 4 days late. Condom broke, took the morning after pill, pregnant? The. Apr 21,  · in this situation when condom breaks, the most chances for pregnancy are in the possibility that there is some sperm in the precum. But since there was a condom, even if there was precum, the amount that seeped was probably to small for any major risk.

May 04,  · Condom broke but he pulled out before he came & I took Plan B just in case. Could I be pregnant? Asked 4 May by Chanel Updated 5 May Topics plan b, emergency contraception, pregnancy, sex, condom, precum. About 3 days ago me and my bf had protected sex and he even pulled out before he came. However, we noticed a tiny hole at the. Feb 05,  · He says he pulled out way before he came and it broke, i saw it break, and the *** was still there around the condom. What are the chances I can be pregnant.