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Sep 08,  · Furthermore, the CARD Act of prevents young people under the age of 21 from obtaining a personal credit card without proof of income or an adult co-signer with good credit. Even when you do meet the qualifications, your lack of experience may be enough to keep you from obtaining the credit card . Feb 13,  · The best credit card for young adults is the Petal 2 Visa Card because it combines low costs with high approval odds and generous rewards. In addition to $0 fees, the Petal 2 Visa gives 1 - /5().

Jan 06,  · Secured Mastercard® from Capital One: Best for young adults with low credit scores Many young people may find it hard to qualify for the majority of credit cards when they’re just starting . Feb 05,  · By Beverly Harzog, Credit Card Expert Updated: February 05, Credit cards for young adults – ideal for recent college graduates or entrants to the workforce – can build credit, .