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An education curriculum and instruction master's degree program focuses on improving the existing curriculum and instruction models for a variety of educational organizations. You can find programs geared towards elementary, secondary and college-level instruction. With a graduate degree in science education such as the University of Texas at Arlington’s online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education, teachers can use what they learn about science instruction techniques and curriculum design to advance science education and student learning as a whole.

Jobs With a Masters in Adult Education & Training. A master's degree in adult education and training prepares graduates for a career in education, human development or human resources. The skills that graduates gain transfer to a variety of jobs working with people. This specialized degree can lead to . The GSE’s ACE Program is designed for individuals working in educational, non-profit, community-based, health care and corporate settings who wish to develop the knowledge and skills for designing, implementing, assessing, and evaluating learning experiences in formal and informal settings for adults.

Research objective one (1): the effects of curriculum change in the teaching and learning of science in Vhembe District. Research objective two (2): factors that affect changes in science curriculum. Research objective three (3): how monitoring and support on the new changes in curriculum are carried out. Clearly, the difference between a Master of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in Education is a focus on practical skills over theories. Sample Coursework for a Master of Arts in Education Coursework will cover child development, language learning, community services, reading literacy and curriculum and instruction.

Adult education master’s degree specializations A concentration or specialization within a master's degree in adult education program allows students to focus on niche areas in their field. For. 11 rows · Feb 03,  · Most master's in adult education programs require GRE scores and a .