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orgins of the condom - She tosses the condom and rides to creampie then even more!

May 30,  · Origin of the word Condom The origin of the word 'condom' is still unknown. Folklore attributes the invention to Dr. Condom or Conton, who was at the court of King Charles II in the 's. It is more likely, however, that the name Author: Ripnroll Condoms. Dec 25,  · In , a survey done on young people by Public Health England shows that 1 in 10 sexually active year olds have never used a condom! But there is one thing that History confirms: condoms (or some sort of condom-like devices) have been used as the main tool to prevent venereal diseases and pregnancy, for millennia, all over the world.

Nov 16,  · The first documented mention of the condom was from Gabriele Falloppio. He said he had invented a device made of linin which was soaked in chemicals. They were designed to cover the glans of the penis and was tied by ribbon. Nov 07,  · One of the earliest references to the condom in ancient Greece centers around King Minos of Crete. Greek mythology tells of Minos having “serpents and scorpions” in his semen and using some sort of contraceptive to protect his wife from what would surely result in Author: Joel Stice.

Apr 26,  · Another group believes that the term "condom" was coined when Charles II was given oiled sheep intestines to use as condoms by a physician named, unsurprisingly, Dr. Condom. However, other insist that the "condom" came from the Latin word condus which simply means "vessel." Dec 02,  · The first definitive moment in condom technology didn't arrive until the 16th century when an Italian physician—who, incidentally, also discovered the Fallopian tubes— first recommended them to the public as a way to stem the spread of syphilis.