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the brava breast enhancement and shaping system - Powerful HI FI system ?

Brava System The Brava System of breast enhancement is a form of non-surgical breast enlargement which is FDA approved and uses the process of tissue expansion to increase breast size. Brava is a popular enlargement method, which has gained international recognition as perhaps the best non-surgical method of breast augmentation available. Aug 17,  · Brava is a device which was invented to promote external tissue expansion on the breast. By doing negative pressure (brava pulls on the breast tissue to expand it) the body will create swelling and increase circulation to promote a larger area for fat transfer.

The BRAVA Breast Augmentation and shaping system is a well-researched, clinically tested medical device that provides a new option to grow your own natural breast tissue without surgery or non-medically proven alternative medications (pills or creams). BRAVA is safe, effective and the results are long-lasting. Once situated, the BRAVA ® system applies gentle pressure on the breasts through a process known as tissue expansion, often causing cells to produce new tissue and increase the overall size and shape of the breasts. “One of the great advances which has made large volume fat grafting so successful is the use of BRAVA ®.”/5(K).

When you use the BRAVA Sport Breast Enhancement and Shaping System, the SportBox™ draws the air out of the domes and the breasts are gently drawn forward. Jan 07,  · One topic that that raised much discussion was the use of the BRAVA® Breast Enhancement and Shaping System. This system allows for fuller breasts without the need of prosthetic implants. The question, “how does this BRAVA® system work?” arises.

What is the BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System? BRAVA is the first clinically proven approach to breast enlargement that actually grows a woman’s natural breast tissue, without surgery, pills or creams. The BRAVA System is an external tissue expander, which applies a gentle 3-dimensional pull to place the breasts under tension. The Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System uses vacuum pressure to create sustained tension to enlarge a woman’s breasts. The theory behind the Brava system is that placing tissues under sustained tension taps into the body’s natural growth and healing mechanisms to stimulate an increase in tissue.