Lesbian Jada Fire and Bonnie Hart Interracial - trojan fire and ice condom reviews


trojan fire and ice condom reviews - Lesbian Jada Fire and Bonnie Hart Interracial

THESE BURNED ME SOOOOOOOO BAD!!! i have used many brands of Trojan but on the fire and ice it left me burning and hurting for 4 hours. i will never buy them again! my partner has had no burning but i was almost in tears so i will not be purchasing any more and i /5(68). The lubricant on the Fire & Ice condoms was a bit too strong for me and my partner. The sensation was similar to the feeling you get when you apply Ben Gay, and not very pleasing when applied onto a sensitive area of the body. Actually was a little scary for a few seconds. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend2/5(7).

TROJAN™ Fire & Ice™ condoms are specially designed for added passion & excitement. Experience thrilling sensations of pleasure. Dual Action Lubricant inside & out delivers warming and tingling sensations to both partners. Special reservoir end for extra safety; Made from Premium Quality latex to help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy. Oct 05,  · These Trojan Fire & Ice condoms definitely live up to their reputation in terms of the tingling sensation promised. As a man, it's actually quite pleasurable and does seem to lead to a more intense climax. Unfortunately I feel that something isn't quite right with the fit of the condom itself/5.

Nov 02,  · A few weeks later I picked up a box of Fire & Ice condoms and used them again. This time, knowing what to expect, I enjoyed them a lot. So, besides the panic attack and the potentially life threatening injury, Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms get the Marcus Terry Seal of Approval®. Find new comedy on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or newsletter. To be honest, I never noticed any 'fire & ice' sensation, as others have. They're just lubricated condoms in my opinion, but I think they're extremely sensitive. Leave an inch or so at the tip (looks silly, but worth it) and that extra 'slide' makes it feel as close to nothing as possible. These are first choice from now on/5.

out of 5 stars Fire and ice wars! Reviewed in the United States on October 27, My partner got these in a variety pack and after a few displeasing experiences made a game out of using them. We'd see who could sit with the burning sensation it progressively creates longer before giving up/5.