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The Masseuse and Her Client ― An Erotic Story. Alan had gone to massage therapists for many years. He was a workaholic who brought worry upon himself, and while others might carry their stress in their stomachs, he carried his in his body. His muscles often were a ball of tension that even his foam roller at home could not work out. It started with a sore back. Clothed woman's arousing lotion rubdown of a nude man. How to rub a woman the right way. Her fantasy about her massage therapist. His wife uses him to live out a fantasy. Innocently begun fun. and other exciting erotic stories at!

"Just like you would rub your tired feet," Janice had explained, "or massage a stiff neck, it's a way to get the blood flowing and help you relax. It's perfectly normal." Lying back on the bed, still wearing her short skirt but quite naked on the top half, Kristin reached up and gently began massaging her own breasts. Best friends continue exploring. Imogen and Keith. Chapter 08 - Yvonne's job at a massage parlor. Clay ends up in Brice's bed. Rambunctious lovers on a whirl of sexual delights. An older dude's nervous first-time encounter. and other exciting erotic stories at!

MASSAGE THERAPY I had never had a massage, or at least a professional one. A thirty-two year old wife and mother of two and I had never had anyone other than my husband even touch my body. My name is April Pratt; and yes I am the proverbial middle aged wife.