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the gardeners erotic stories - erotic story (in Russian)

Jerry woke to discover reality: his wife was a gangbang slut. A Lady finds her needs fulfilled by a young Gardener. Two rich, famous celebrity’s dirty panties sniffed by a man. Another garden is formed. A barista and a gardener. and other exciting erotic stories at! Alice gets fucked bound in an OB/Gyn chair and then is later. The puddle. Kat invites an old friend over to help in her garden. Pleasure and mysteries in the castle garden. Her husband asked her to distract a friend. and other exciting erotic stories at!

Wife and the Black Gardeners Part 2 by Kaos comics The woman has not had sex in months because her husband never works. He start taking Viagra, but still cannot get laid because he is very busy at work. Only her sex life is going to change completely because the gardener is . Her erotic thoughts about George Boxlicker were replaced by those about the shirtless man. It was late morning; she knew Jack wouldn't be home for at least six hours, and she fantasized about having the big studly man spending a good part of that time with her in her bed, instead of wasting his energy on her husband's stupid rose garden.

This story follows on from an earlier one 'The Midnight Meeting', using the same characters but in a different setting. ***** 'Come in, Matt.' Francesca Charlesworth stood back and held open the door for her newly appointed gardener to enter. 'I'm sorry John gave you such a hard time at interview, but I'm afraid he's a bit like that.'. The rhododendrons were just a few feet in front of him, he could smell them and it mixed perfectly with the smell of Mrs. Henderson and he found it highly erotic. He sensed that Rosy was there, watching him, smiling and happy for him. This spurred him on and he shot a big load of hot cum deep inside his employer.